Welcome to MY Beauty Esthetics Group

MY Beauty Esthetics Group started as a single company on February 2010 with a vision to promote cosmetology education as well as producing high quality and skillful cosmetology workers to serve the beauty industry.

MY Beauty Esthetics Group provides courses and services for citizens of Malaysia whom is interested to venture into cosmetology or to increase knowledge level as well as to certify qualified skill workers in the cosmetology industry in line with the initiatives to reach Wawasan 2020 vision.

Among the services that we provide are:

  •     Cosmetology/Beautician Courses
  •     Traditional Massage and Aromatherapy Courses
  •     Spa and Makeup Courses
  •     Certification Service through Pengiktirafan Pencapaian Terdahulu (PPT) program
  •     Consultation Service for learning pathway, starting a beauty salon, JPK Accredited Center
  •     Beauty Treatment, Makeup, Massage, Spa Services


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