About MY Beauty Esthetics Group

myBeauty Esthetics GroupMY Beauty Esthetics Group started with establishing MY Beauty Academy on February 2010 by our founder, Madam Juliana Ngok, with a vision to promote cosmetology education as well as producing high quality and skillful cosmetology workers to serve the beauty industry.

Since 2010, MY Beauty Academy has since grown and is converted into a private limited company in 2013, MY Beauty Academy Sdn Bhd and continues to establishing a few more companies under its umbrella that focused on providing courses and services for citizens of Malaysia whom is interested to venture into cosmetology or to increase knowledge level as well as to certify qualified skill workers in the cosmetology industry.

About Our Founder

Madam Juliana Ngok has many years of experience both in managing operations and in cosmetology practices as well as qualification from CIDESCO,GIPTAC,GLOBAL, SKM 1/2/3/4/VTO/VTE/PP-PPT/PP-PPL/PP-PPD-PPB/PAJAR and Eve Taylor Aromatherapy Techniques. She currently head the Cosmetology Education division to ensure all cosmetology education standards and verification are in line with the group's vision. 

Below is the brief description of each companies:

MY Beauty Salon and Academy

MY Beauty Academy Sdn Bhd (1057145-P) The academy is complete with a beauty training center and a beauty salon with advance beauty equipment and beauty skin care and treatment product. This provides an environment that gives the our students exposure to real life operations a beauty salon and hands-on practical to customers. As an Eve Taylor brand exclusive center, students will also be exposed in Eve Taylor product knowledge.

The academy is a Sistem Latihan Dual Nasional (SLDN) training center and company that conducts beauty courses, massage therapy and aromatherapy courses through method of accreditation by System Latihan Dual Nasional (SLDN) from Malaysia's Department of Skill Development(JPK).

myBeauty Consultancy

MY Beauty Academy (IP0321637-U) is diversified in 2013 to focus in providing consultation services on establishing  beauty salon, accredited training center, manpower training, research and development in beauty treatment procedures. Consultation services is open to anyone who are interested in venturing into beauty/cosmetology industry.