Vision & Mission

MY Beauty thrive is to be the top beauty academy continuously producing professional beauty therapist that are competitive with high confidence and high caliber to continue improve the standard of beauty industry.

Our Vision

  • To be the a international standard Skills Training Center.
  • To be a premier Skill Training Center in Malaysia for cosmetology and spa.
  • To promote beauty industry as a profitable business
  • To nurture successful entrepreneur in the beauty industry

Our Mission

To continue venturing into beauty industry based on modernization and technology advancement hence improve the delivery and quality of beauty treatments.

  • Monitor and making sure that every services product delivered is competitive and of quality.
  • Ensure every trainee is focused and envisioned to build a career in beauty industry.
  • Produce trainee that is qualified, goals oriented, good communication skill, and highly committed in operating a business.
  • To become an organization that is transparent and systematic in administration, management and customer-oriented.